FOR SALE (Multi Res) 8 Bachelor pad units in Tlokweng (ref1k)

Following are the details:

*8 Bachelor pads with aircons
*All rooms has independent electricity and water meters
*Reception that can be turned into rental area
*swimming pool
*Fitted Kitchen
*Fitted bedrooms
*Big yard
*Electric Fence
*Each unit has its own separate electric meter
*It can also be used as lodge to generate better income

*Title Deed
*Size: 1100sqm
*Selling: 2.2m
*Valuation: P2.2m

Only serious people may call or WhatsApp for further details at 72854522.

Apart from the above we also have the below houses available for sale

P2.2m 1100sqm Multi res in Tlokweng (8 Bachelor pads + reception + pool + carport) ref1k

P600k 450sqm (3-bedBathrooms medium cost BHC) in G.West near Tlhabologo P, School ref:tlm
P880k 553sqm (3Bed low-cost BHC ) in phase 2 near SADC ref:mdo

P4.5m 1300sqm (3 Bed + 3 Bathooms + Garage + Pool) in Ext 9 near main road Gaborone. (The house needs renovation)

*)P1.2m 400sqm (reftpl) (3 bed + garage + fence + paved + motor gate) in Phakalane

*)P1.35m 900sqm plot in Phakalane near Thobo Hamlet ref:fremn
*)P2.5m (neg) 700sqm reffremn (4bed + s.qtr + dbl garage + dbl sitting room + fence+ paved yard) in G.north 4th turn

*)P2.2m 450sqm refdmp (4bed + s.qtr + garage +fence+ paved yard) in Block 10, behind airport junction

*)P2.8m 965sqm refthms (3bed +s.qtr+dbl garage + pool +fence+ Big yard) in Phakalane

*)P1.9m 900sqm Multi Res (4 x 2beds units) monthly rental generating P10k, have potential to add more units + Electric fence + Big yard + Car port) in Mmopane block 1

*)P1.4m 380sqm (refevn) (4 bed all ensuite + Double garage + paved + motor gate) in Block 7

*)P1.25m 300sqm (refclt42) (3 bed all ensuite + garage + s.qtr + fence + paved + motor gate) in Block 10
*)P1.050m (neg) 573sqm (2Bd low-cost BHC ) in ext 10 near Marina Refthmb
*)P17.5m Multi res (Total 26 units, generating monthly rent P105k, each unit rent P4k. Can sell each as well unit @ P700k) in Mogoditshane.

*)P950k 450sqm (3Bd low cost BHC +S.qtr + Carport + Motorgate + Fence) in block 5 ref:lb

*)P800k (neg) 450sqm (3Bd low-cost BHC + scrn wall ) in phase 2 ref:mdo
*)P750k (Cash Sale Only) 450sqm (3Bd low-cost BHC + scrn wall on two sides ) in phase 2 ref:mdo88

*)P900k (neg) 536sqm (3Bd low-cost BHC + scrn wall ) in phase 2 ref:mdo
*)P700k (Cash Sale Only) 450sqm (3Bd low-cost BHC + fence wall ) in phase 2 ref:mdo63
*)P1.25m 300sqm (refclt41) (3 bed all ensuite + garage + s.qtr + fence + paved + motor gate) in Block 10

*)P1m 450sqm (3bd low cost + S.qtr + fence + motorized gate + carport + paved yard + mini garden) in Block 5 ref:lb
*)P860k 450sqm (3bd low cost) in Phase 2 ref:bth

*)P1.1m (2bd + pool + community hall + garden + aircon + 24hr security + carport + veranda ) in Village refThb
*)P4.3m 5000sqm (Multi res of 14 Bachelor pads) in Mogoditshane block 5 ref:thms

*)P1.36m 630sqm (2bd + Shaded parking + Pool + fence + mtr gate) in Phakalane ref:mks

*)P675k 450sqm (3bd low cost) in G.west phase 1 ref:tmb
*)P550k 450sqm (2bd low cost) in Phiring, Brothurst ref:lb
*)P700k 250sqm (3bd low cost) in phase 2 ref:lb

*)P1.12m 375sqm (3bd + Guest wing + Carport + fence +mtr gate) in block 7 reflb
*)P220k 1000sqm (Bachelor pad in Pitsane) has a capacity of 4 b.pads of multi-res in Pitsane ref:crl

*)P1.5m 460sqm (4bd + fence +carport) in extension 4 ref:(Thmb)

*)P750k 450sqm (3bd Low-cost BHC) in block 5 ref:lb
*)P2.7m neg 685sqm (Double story 5bed + pool + s.qtr + garden + Double garage) in Phakalane ref:drn

*)P800k (neg) 486sqm (2Bd Lo Cst BHC + Carport + Garden + Fence) in Taung ref:emn

*)P950k (not neg) 486sqm (4-bed +Garage + fence + carport +m.gate ) in Block 6. ref:1k
*)P950k (not neg) 500sqm (4-bed + fence Val P1.2m (2yrs ago) in Phase 2. ref:1k

*)P1.3m 500sqm (3-bed + Garden + pool + carport + Fence + M.gate + Fruit trees + Aircons medium cost) in block 5 ref:crls

*)P6.2m 1,200sqm fully furnished (Double Story 6 bed all en-suite + pool + terrace + veranda +backup generator + water irrigation system + double garage. in Phakalane ref:drn

*)P1.2m (not neg) 450sqm (3-bed + 2-bed Cottage at the back + fence + carport +m.gate + Aircons ) in Phase 2. ref:1k

*)P1.9m Fully Furnished 600sqm (5-bed + Pool + Changing room + a/c + Laundry room + Outdoor Sitting area + Party area + fence + +m.gate ) Ideal for Guest House or Bed n Breakfast business in Phase 2. ref:1k

*)P2.9m 1050sqm (3-bed BHC + 2 and a half at the back + fence +m.gate ) in Ext 12. ref:1k

*)P840k (not neg) 470sqm (3-bed ) in Phase 2. ref:dren
*)P850k (cash sale only) 600sqm (3-bed low cost ) in Phase 2. ref:dren

*)P850k 450sqm (3bd medium cost BHC in phase 2 ref (thms)
*)P750k 415sqm (2-bed low cost ) in Phase 2. ref:dren

*)P1.95m 1000sqm (3 bed house+pool+garage+s.qtr+guest room+fence+alarm) in G.West Ph 1 ref (Thm)
*)P2m(neg) 1700sqm (5 bed + S.qtr + fence + M.gate) in Mogoditshane Tsholamosese ref:mogo
*)P3.3m 1700sqm (3 bed + S.qtr Asbestos BHC house) in Village near Riverwalk ref (Thm)

*)P360k (3 bed house) in Molepolole ref (Lb)
*)P1m 450sqm (3-bed house) in Phase 1, G.West ref (Lb)

*)P900k neg 1646sqm Res plot in a developed area. (Water and Electricity available + Title deed) in G.North Third Turn Corner plot. ref 1k
*)P1.8m neg 1046sqm Res plot in a block 10. ref (Lb)
*)P2.65m 1000m2 residential plot in Phakalane golf estate. refsrl

*)P1.19m 417sqm (3-bed + 2 and a half at the back) in block 8. refsrl
*)P1.25m 1506sqm Multi res (2-bed multi-res + b.pad + 2 x 2-bed foundation + s.quarters + screen wall ) in Tlokweng ref:lb

*)P5m 600sqm (Double Story 3 bed house + Gym room+ S.Qtr + Office room + Double Garage + fence + motor gate) in Setlhoa village ref(gsg)

*)P3.3m Multi res of 27 Studio apartments of 1000sqm size in Mogoditshane (Generates monthly rental P40k) ref:1k

*)P900k 405sqm (3-bed house) in Kgale View ref (rthr Lb)
*)P1.3m neg 540sqm (3 bed + s.qtr + Pool+ Garden+ fence + motorized gate + paved) in Block 5. ref (Lb)

*)P650k neg (Cash sale only) 1227sqm Multi res (3 buildings with 6 units multi-res) in Mogoditshane block 7 main road. ref (Lb)
*)P1.3m 800sqm big yard (Bachelor pad developed) in Phase 4 ref(srl)
*)P800k 540sqm 2bed bhc house in Block 9 ref (srl)

*)P1.45m 493sqm 3bed private house (3 bed + garage + fence + motor gate) in Block 9 ref (grg)

*)P2.7m 880sqm (Double House 6 bed + pool+ garage + s.qtr + fence + motorized gate) in Brodhurst near GPH. refsntsh
*)P1.6m 980sqm (4 bed + pool + double garage) in G.north

*)P1.9m 863sqm (3 bed +Cottage + double garage +aircons) in Brodhurst near GPH (ref URSL)

*P1.35m (neg) 412sqm (2 Bed + 2 and a half house) in Block 8 ref:lvly
*)P650k 1200sqm Res plot . (Water, electricity, and title deed) in G.north developed area. ref 1k

*)P1.3m 320sqm (ref437) (3 bed all ensuite + garage + s.qtr + fence + paved + motor gate) in Block 7
*)P2.8m (neg) 612sqm (Double story 5 bed + pool+ garage + s.qtr) in Phakalane.

*)P2.6m 600sqm (4 bed + S.qtr + double garage + Pool) in Block 10 ref:ed

*)P1.5m (ref696) (3 bed all ensuite + garage + s.qtr + fence + paved + motor gate) in Block 10

*)P1.3m 313sqm (ref202) (3 bed all ensuite + garage + s.qtr + fence + paved + motor gate) in Block 7
*)P1.3m (not neg) 870sqm (5-bed + 2 n a half house + big yard + main road facing) in Maruapula ref:bb

*)P450k Multi res 450sqm (3 rooms + 1 shop + 1 more room) in Bontleng ref:lb

*)P3.7m 925sqm Double story house (incomplete P3.7m or complete @ P4.7m) in Setlhoa Village (3 bed + 1 Guest room + S.qtr + 2 x Lounge + TV room + Study room / office room + dining + sitting + Double Garage + Scullery + Pool)

*)P1.6m 600sqm (4 bed + 2 and a half + fence + paved + carport) in Phase 2 ref:wlsn

*)P450k 475sqm (2 rooms developed) in White City. (ref Lb)

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