Plots for Sale‼️ in GABORONE NORTH (G.north) Fourth turn.

✅Freehold Residential Plots for Sale

✅Fully Serviced Gated Estate
✅Shopping Complex ( Coming Soon)
✅Internal Tarred/ Paved Roads
✅ Ranging between 484 to 895 sqm
✅P750 per sqm (VAT INCLUSIVE)

✅ 7 years to build
✅ Swimming pool Area
✅BPC Electricity / Water 💦
✅ Sewages
✅LED streetlights
✅No Transfer Duty
✅Park and Sport Courts

⏭️ Only 90 Remaining
City Expansion towards G.North

Grab your Portion ✅

Only serious people may call or WhatsApp for further details at 72854522.

Apart from the above we also have the below houses available for sale

P600k 450sqm (3-bedBathrooms medium cost BHC) in G.West near Tlhabologo P, School ref:tlm
P880k 553sqm (3Bed low-cost BHC ) in phase 2 near SADC ref:mdo

P4.5m 1300sqm (3 Bed + 3 Bathooms + Garage + Pool) in Ext 9 near main road Gaborone. (The house needs renovation)

*)P1.2m 400sqm (reftpl) (3 bed + garage + fence + paved + motor gate) in Phakalane

*)P1.35m 900sqm plot in Phakalane near Thobo Hamlet ref:fremn
*)P2.5m (neg) 700sqm reffremn (4bed + s.qtr + dbl garage + dbl sitting room + fence+ paved yard) in G.north 4th turn

*)P2.2m 450sqm refdmp (4bed + s.qtr + garage +fence+ paved yard) in Block 10, behind airport junction

*)P2.8m 965sqm refthms (3bed +s.qtr+dbl garage + pool +fence+ Big yard) in Phakalane

*)P1.9m 900sqm Multi Res (4 x 2beds units) monthly rental generating P10k, have potential to add more units + Electric fence + Big yard + Car port) in Mmopane block 1

*)P1.4m 380sqm (refevn) (4 bed all ensuite + Double garage + paved + motor gate) in Block 7

*)P1.25m 300sqm (refclt42) (3 bed all ensuite + garage + s.qtr + fence + paved + motor gate) in Block 10
*)P1.050m (neg) 573sqm (2Bd low-cost BHC ) in ext 10 near Marina Refthmb
*)P17.5m Multi res (Total 26 units, generating monthly rent P105k, each unit rent P4k. Can sell each as well unit @ P700k) in Mogoditshane.

*)P950k 450sqm (3Bd low cost BHC +S.qtr + Carport + Motorgate + Fence) in block 5 ref:lb

*)P800k (neg) 450sqm (3Bd low-cost BHC + scrn wall ) in phase 2 ref:mdo
*)P750k (Cash Sale Only) 450sqm (3Bd low-cost BHC + scrn wall on two sides ) in phase 2 ref:mdo88

*)P900k (neg) 536sqm (3Bd low-cost BHC + scrn wall ) in phase 2 ref:mdo
*)P700k (Cash Sale Only) 450sqm (3Bd low-cost BHC + fence wall ) in phase 2 ref:mdo63
*)P1.25m 300sqm (refclt41) (3 bed all ensuite + garage + s.qtr + fence + paved + motor gate) in Block 10

*)P1m 450sqm (3bd low cost + S.qtr + fence + motorized gate + carport + paved yard + mini garden) in Block 5 ref:lb
*)P860k 450sqm (3bd low cost) in Phase 2 ref:bth

*)P1.1m (2bd + pool + community hall + garden + aircon + 24hr security + carport + veranda ) in Village refThb
*)P4.3m 5000sqm (Multi res of 14 Bachelor pads) in Mogoditshane block 5 ref:thms

*)P1.36m 630sqm (2bd + Shaded parking + Pool + fence + mtr gate) in Phakalane ref:mks

*)P675k 450sqm (3bd low cost) in G.west phase 1 ref:tmb
*)P550k 450sqm (2bd low cost) in Phiring, Brothurst ref:lb
*)P700k 250sqm (3bd low cost) in phase 2 ref:lb

*)P1.12m 375sqm (3bd + Guest wing + Carport + fence +mtr gate) in block 7 reflb
*)P220k 1000sqm (Bachelor pad in Pitsane) has a capacity of 4 b.pads of multi-res in Pitsane ref:crl

*)P1.5m 460sqm (4bd + fence +carport) in extension 4 ref:(Thmb)

*)P750k 450sqm (3bd Low-cost BHC) in block 5 ref:lb
*)P2.7m neg 685sqm (Double story 5bed + pool + s.qtr + garden + Double garage) in Phakalane ref:drn

*)P800k (neg) 486sqm (2Bd Lo Cst BHC + Carport + Garden + Fence) in Taung ref:emn

*)P950k (not neg) 486sqm (4-bed +Garage + fence + carport +m.gate ) in Block 6. ref:1k
*)P950k (not neg) 500sqm (4-bed + fence Val P1.2m (2yrs ago) in Phase 2. ref:1k

*)P1.3m 500sqm (3-bed + Garden + pool + carport + Fence + M.gate + Fruit trees + Aircons medium cost) in block 5 ref:crls

*)P6.2m 1,200sqm fully furnished (Double Story 6 bed all en-suite + pool + terrace + veranda +backup generator + water irrigation system + double garage. in Phakalane ref:drn

*)P1.2m (not neg) 450sqm (3-bed + 2-bed Cottage at the back + fence + carport +m.gate + Aircons ) in Phase 2. ref:1k

*)P1.9m Fully Furnished 600sqm (5-bed + Pool + Changing room + a/c + Laundry room + Outdoor Sitting area + Party area + fence + +m.gate ) Ideal for Guest House or Bed n Breakfast business in Phase 2. ref:1k

*)P2.9m 1050sqm (3-bed BHC + 2 and a half at the back + fence +m.gate ) in Ext 12. ref:1k

*)P840k (not neg) 470sqm (3-bed ) in Phase 2. ref:dren
*)P850k (cash sale only) 600sqm (3-bed low cost ) in Phase 2. ref:dren

*)P850k 450sqm (3bd medium cost BHC in phase 2 ref (thms)
*)P750k 415sqm (2-bed low cost ) in Phase 2. ref:dren

*)P1.95m 1000sqm (3 bed house+pool+garage+s.qtr+guest room+fence+alarm) in G.West Ph 1 ref (Thm)
*)P2m(neg) 1700sqm (5 bed + S.qtr + fence + M.gate) in Mogoditshane Tsholamosese ref:mogo
*)P3.3m 1700sqm (3 bed + S.qtr Asbestos BHC house) in Village near Riverwalk ref (Thm)

*)P360k (3 bed house) in Molepolole ref (Lb)
*)P1m 450sqm (3-bed house) in Phase 1, G.West ref (Lb)

*)P900k neg 1646sqm Res plot in a developed area. (Water and Electricity available + Title deed) in G.North Third Turn Corner plot. ref 1k
*)P1.8m neg 1046sqm Res plot in a block 10. ref (Lb)
*)P2.65m 1000m2 residential plot in Phakalane golf estate. refsrl

*)P1.19m 417sqm (3-bed + 2 and a half at the back) in block 8. refsrl
*)P1.25m 1506sqm Multi res (2-bed multi-res + b.pad + 2 x 2-bed foundation + s.quarters + screen wall ) in Tlokweng ref:lb

*)P5m 600sqm (Double Story 3 bed house + Gym room+ S.Qtr + Office room + Double Garage + fence + motor gate) in Setlhoa village ref(gsg)

*)P3.3m Multi res of 27 Studio apartments of 1000sqm size in Mogoditshane (Generates monthly rental P40k) ref:1k

*)P900k 405sqm (3-bed house) in Kgale View ref (rthr Lb)
*)P1.3m neg 540sqm (3 bed + s.qtr + Pool+ Garden+ fence + motorized gate + paved) in Block 5. ref (Lb)

*)P650k neg (Cash sale only) 1227sqm Multi res (3 buildings with 6 units multi-res) in Mogoditshane block 7 main road. ref (Lb)
*)P1.3m 800sqm big yard (Bachelor pad developed) in Phase 4 ref(srl)
*)P800k 540sqm 2bed bhc house in Block 9 ref (srl)

*)P1.45m 493sqm 3bed private house (3 bed + garage + fence + motor gate) in Block 9 ref (grg)

*)P2.7m 880sqm (Double House 6 bed + pool+ garage + s.qtr + fence + motorized gate) in Brodhurst near GPH. refsntsh
*)P1.6m 980sqm (4 bed + pool + double garage) in G.north

*)P1.9m 863sqm (3 bed +Cottage + double garage +aircons) in Brodhurst near GPH (ref URSL)

*P1.35m (neg) 412sqm (2 Bed + 2 and a half house) in Block 8 ref:lvly
*)P650k 1200sqm Res plot . (Water, electricity, and title deed) in G.north developed area. ref 1k

*)P1.3m 320sqm (ref437) (3 bed all ensuite + garage + s.qtr + fence + paved + motor gate) in Block 7
*)P2.8m (neg) 612sqm (Double story 5 bed + pool+ garage + s.qtr) in Phakalane.

*)P2.6m 600sqm (4 bed + S.qtr + double garage + Pool) in Block 10 ref:ed

*)P1.5m (ref696) (3 bed all ensuite + garage + s.qtr + fence + paved + motor gate) in Block 10

*)P1.3m 313sqm (ref202) (3 bed all ensuite + garage + s.qtr + fence + paved + motor gate) in Block 7
*)P1.3m (not neg) 870sqm (5-bed + 2 n a half house + big yard + main road facing) in Maruapula ref:bb

*)P450k Multi res 450sqm (3 rooms + 1 shop + 1 more room) in Bontleng ref:lb

*)P3.7m 925sqm Double story house (incomplete P3.7m or complete @ P4.7m) in Setlhoa Village (3 bed + 1 Guest room + S.qtr + 2 x Lounge + TV room + Study room / office room + dining + sitting + Double Garage + Scullery + Pool)

*)P1.6m 600sqm (4 bed + 2 and a half + fence + paved + carport) in Phase 2 ref:wlsn

*)P450k 475sqm (2 rooms developed) in White City. (ref Lb)

If you are a property owner and you want us to sell your property or to put it on rent. Do not hesitate to ask us at 728-54-522, we’d love to help you.


If you are looking for any other type of residential house, flat, or commercial shop, office space, plot, etc. for rent or for sale/purchase. Do not hesitate to ask us at 728-54-522, we’d love to help you.
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