Garage for sale

NB: All properties are in separate company names (Non trading companies) for ease of transfer

Khami Road Garage and Complex
Address: Corner Khami/Magazine Roads, Steeldale,

Perfectly located on a busy road.

Bulawayo Property Description
• Large forecourt/ canopy
• 3 pumps (1 island)
• Tank capacity 41 000 L Petrol, 31 000 L Diesel
• Workshops and large backyards (40% undercover)
• 5 offices (ideal for a head office) (1 office if for attendants)
• Kiosk with storeroom and a large workshop storeroom with back office
• These 2 stores and kiosk and even workshop bays could be converted to a large
express store and takeaways.
Operating garage

On a dual carriage way

Tanks sizes 35m3 petrol & diesel

3 pumps

Sign agreement, transfer property , move in – operate

Price: USD $850 000
(Nostro Accepted )

Call or app 077 585 2020 (SERIOUS BUYERS ONLY)


– Agency name: Bulawayo homes

– Phone: +263775852020